Stainless Steel Designer Sheets
Supplier, Stockist In Netherland

Ashapura Stainless is a well-known manufacturer, and supplier, as well as stockist and importer of SS Designer Sheets in Amsterdam, Netherland. We offer Stainless Steel Designer Sheets in accordance with national & international standards & specifications. Our remarkable product range results from our skilled efforts to provide the highest quality products to our customers.  We’ve been serving the market with high-end quality products such as Ti Gold Finish Stainless Steel Sheet, as well as Vibration Finish SS Sheet, and Super Mirror Finish SS Sheet, and Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet, as well as other. Our SS Designer Sheets are available in various sizes and specifications that can be customized according to the needs of our customers at the most reasonable price.

We have a variety of SS colored Designer Sheets that have high ductility, malleability, hardness, and toughness.  SS Designer Sheets are impervious to the general pitting and crevice corrosion. They are extremely resistant to heat ability and suit numerous applications that require high temperatures.  A lot of our customers prefer our Sheets due to the fact that they are durable and can be used in difficult conditions.

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SS Super Mirror Finish Sheet is suitable for Facades, Elevators, kitchens, Malls, Hospitals, Interior, and Exterior for decorative reasons. The infrastructural facility available with us ensures precision in our manufacturing processes. We are equipped with modern machinery. Our uncompromising approach to high-quality standards has given us an advantage over other companies in the market.

Every product is tested for hardness, as well as high material strength, and operational efficiency.  The products we offer are carefully tested in line with the specified quality standards. The company takes special care to ensure that its products are delivered on time and within budget and meet the very highest standards demanded by our consumers. Quality has incessantly been the top priority of our business. The raw material used in production ensures the flexibility and sustainability of our products.


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Our Product

Hairline Black Sheets

Stainless Steel
Hairline Finish Sheet In Netherland

Leather 2B Mill Finish

Stainless Steel
Embossed Finish Sheet In Netherland

Checker Board

Stainless Steel
Etched Finish Sheet In Netherland

Super Mirror Blue

Stainless Steel
Super Mirror Finish Sheet In Netherland

Silver bead blasted finished SS Sheets

Stainless Steel
Bead Blasted Finish Sheet In Netherland

Vibration Gold

Stainless Steel
Vibration Finish Sheet In Netherland

Perforated Sheet

Stainless Steel
Perforated Finish Sheet In Netherland

Pvd Colour Coated

Stainless Steel
PVD Colour Coated Finish Sheet In Netherland

Clear Bronze Patina

Stainless Steel
Scotch Bright Finish Sheet In Netherland

Dune Small

Stainless Steel
3D Finish Plate In Netherland

Brushed Bronze

Stainless Steel
Brushed Finish Sheet In Netherland

Bead Blast Emerald Green

Stainless Steel
Colour Tex Finish Sheet In Netherland

Granex Black AS-51

Stainless Steel
Granex Colour Tex Finish Sheet In Netherland

Vortex BS Soft AS-57

Stainless Steel
Vortex Colour Tex Finish Sheet In Netherland

Vortex Magenta AS-88

Stainless Steel
Colour Finish Sheet In Netherland


Stainless Steel
Linen Finish Sheet In Netherland

Clear Bronze Patina

Stainless Steel
Antique Finish Sheet In Netherland

Grinding Finish

Stainless Steel
Grinding Finish Sheet In Netherland

Clear Bronze Patina

Stainless Steel
Starlight Finish Sheet In Netherland

Clear Bronze Patina

Stainless Steel
CD Overlay Finish Sheet In Netherland


Stainless Steel
Screens In Netherland

Specifications of SS Designer Sheets In Netherland

MaterialStainless Steel
Grade304, 316
FinishHairline, Embossed, Etched, Super Mirror, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Perforated, PVD Colour Coated, Scotch Bright, 3D, Brushed, Colour Tex, Granex Colour Tex, Vortex Colour Tex, Colour, Linen, Antique, Grinding, Starlight, CD Overlay, Screens
Thickness0.5 mm to 6.0 mm
Width1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Length2000mm, 2440mm, 2500mm, 3000mm
ApplicationsEngineering, Architectural, Refrigeration, Elevators, Kitchen Interior, Shopping Malls, Homes, Airports, Machinery, Transit, and Elevator Applications, Hotels, Interior SS Decoration, Ceilings.

Types of SS Designer Sheet In Netherland

  • Stainless Steel Vibration Designer Sheets Distributor In Netherland
  • Stainless Steel Designer PVD Colour Coated Finish Sheets In Amsterdam
  • Stainless Steel 316 Designer CD Overlay Sheets In Haarlem
  • Designer Granex Colour Tex SS Sheets In Utrecht
  • Stainless Steel Designer Antique Finish Sheet In The Hague
  • Stainless Steel 316 Designer Perforated Sheets In Amsterdam
  • Designer SS 3D Plates In Utrecht
  • Stainless Steel Designer 3D Plates Exporter In Haarlem
  • Designer Etched Stainless Steel 316 Sheet Stockist In Utrecht
  • SS Designer Sheet Supplier In The Hague
  • Stainless Steel Designer Starlight Sheets In Netherland
  • Stainless Steel 304 Granex Colour Tex Finishing Designer Sheet In Amsterdam
  • Stainless Steel Hairline Designer Cold Rolled Sheets Supplier In Haarlem
  • SS Hot Rolled Scotch Bright Designer Sheet In Netherland
  • CD Overlay Designer Surface Finish Stainless Steel Sheet In The Hague
  • Designer Grinding Stainless Steel Sheets Stockist In Netherland

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